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I am on page 250 of The Night Drifter.  I am enjoying this book so much that I have already decided it is a keeper.  I have ordered a hardcover version and then I shall put my paperback on Bookins. 

A plug for Bookins, if I may.  Bookins lets you print free shipping for your books at your printer.  There is no cost to send books out.  And, you only pay a flat fee of about $4 when a book is sent to you off your wish list.  I have minimal problems with the shape books are in when I receive them.  Only once was a book unreceived and I received credit in my account towards that amount. 

Anyhow, can you imagine being a ghost walking around while your body sleeps?  Lance St. Leger has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble doing this because he misled his bride, Rosalind, into thinking his was the ghost of Sir Lancelot of round table and Genvieve fame.  Always with these St. Legers they anticipate telling the truth is going to be so much harder than it is. 

I have just found out that if Lance stays out of his body too long he can become a ghost for real.  I anticipate Lance almost having this happen to him and hopefully Rosalind will be there to save him.  It would be a heck of a way to find out his secret ability to night drift.  Since I am just over half-way, I know a storm is brewing.  Nobody is making a big deal out of the fact that a chunk is missing from the ruby in the hilt of the sword that belongs to the Leger family, but I anticipate this missing chunk is going to cause grief  before all is said and done.

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I have changed the look of my site to Fleur-de-lys because it is my very favorite symbol. 

I am going to review Beneath A Marble Sky but I don’t have the book in front of me to double check my spelling of names.  I am also going to give an update on The Night Drifter which is the sequel to The Bride Finder, but again want the book in front of me to check on names. 

Everyone should go to and look for Scarpettajunkie’s profile so you can check out everything else I have reviewed since January.  Tell me your thoughts.  I’d be anxious to hear them.  I feel as if I’ve reviewed quite a bit, but I’m always looking to read and review more.

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Today I just received the last of my books from Amazon.  I only ordered one new one today as I have to keep my spending under control.  That lucky book is Outlander.  The next up will be Murder Is Binding.  I read the sequel already which is Bookmarked to Death.  Has anyone ever read books in reverse order?  How did you feel about it?  In this case it’ll work out just fine because the author brought me up to speed in book two.  I have to admit I was disappointed to learn I read book two first, however, just because it appeals to my sense of order to read in order.

I am reading The Night Drifter by Susan Carroll.  It is book two after The Bride Finder which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Lance Leger has a special gift, he can visit places at night while being outside his body.  His twin brother has just found him in bed but his soul is drifting.  I believe this could really happen because there are already documented stories of people having out of body experiences or seeing someone when they are supposedly someplace else.

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