BOOK REVIEW: Sworn To Silence

Posted on August 20, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Sworn To SilenceSworn To Silence by Linda Castillo is a romantic thriller, heavy on the thrills. The hook for this book is Kate Burkholder. She experienced an encounter with The Slaughterhouse Killer as a young Amish girl, and comes back to Painters Mill as an adult in the role of Chief of Police. For me, that was all it took. I wanted to know what it was like to switch from Amish to English in such an important role as police chief while also being a women.

The reader just gets a taste of what being chief is like when a murder is suddenly thrust upon the department to solve. You can’t help but be interested in how Kate handles herself and the murder. Just as suddenly, you realize there may be a connection between the current murder and one that took place nearly two decades ago. While wrapped in police procedure, the story never gets too technical or cut and dried. This book almost seems like a recipe for the perfect way to commit murder. It is Kate’s feelings as she is solving the murder that multiplies which keeps the reader emotionally invested.

Kate’s staff is given just enough background to be fleshed out and familiar.
I desperately wanted to talk about this book because it felt like I was involved in the action alongside the characters. I was cheering, feeling like letting the bad guy have what for, horrified and compelled. That is a lot to feel in one book.

I heartily and sincerely recommend this book. I defy you to want to put it down. It was a great flowing read. The words disappeared and I saw pictures in my mind. It is quite a book that can catch you and swing you around until you are completely absorbed.


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