BOOK REVIEW: One Scream Away

Posted on August 20, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

One Scream AwayOne Scream Away is a book of memorable romantic suspense. This book is mainly about chasing down the bad guy, and he really is BAD. His name is Chevy Banks and because of his childhood, he is mentally unstable. He is tracking down Beth Denison as she is the last one alive after his last murder spree ended up landing him in prison.

The hero is ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan. When he starts investigating a chain of murders somewhat similar to a past case of his, the trail leads to Beth Denison’s door. She refuses to tell him why Chevy would be calling her and she refuses to say why Banks will try anything to get her to scream.

Beth thinks she needs to keep quiet to protect her daughter. She thinks she is tough. She handles things on her own. Neil thinks he needs to protect Beth and get her to open up. That is your start of romance. The cat and mouse game that Chevy leads the FBI and police on left me saying eewww, how sick but how clever.

This book kept me reading and is deemed worth the effort. It is definitely recommended. It is more thrilling than scary. One Scream Away by Kate Brady will leave you wanting more of the same. It earns a big thumbs up and a spot on the shelf.


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