BOOK REVIEW: Offworld by Robin Parrish

Posted on August 3, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

OffworldOffworld by Robin Parrish is a thrilling foray into science fiction that reads so well, the pages disappear. Commander Christopher Burke and his crew are returning from a mission to Mars. They find it odd that they have lost contact with ground control, and their landing is definitely dangerous and strange. However, the icing on the cake is when they step out of the space shuttle and discover everyone everywhere is gone. The mission then becomes to discover who or what has caused the disappearance of all humans on earth.

This story was believable because the astronauts quarrel amongst themselves, they get hungry, wet, injured, bruised, and tired. Their thinking starts out rational and becomes more disorganized and improvisational as the story picks up speed.

I liked reading the pages to see how the crew was going to get themselves out of some of the situations they walked into. It felt like I had a vested interest in seeing these astronauts bringing back earth’s people without getting killed in the process.

I would highly recommend Offworld as a fast paced science fiction thriller that is highly satisfying. I was kind of surprised this book was published by Bethany House and am very glad they took this chance. This book is a keeper on my shelf and my son wants me to save the book for him so he can read it. Even my husband is interested. I am so excited by that and really can’t give the book more praise than that.

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