BOOK REVIEW: Love’s Pursuit

Posted on July 22, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Love's PursuitLove’s Pursuit by Siri Mitchell is a fun-loving, involving, heart rendering, and tragic book that gently pulls you in and before you know it you are in the maelstrom. It is a book about the Puritans, not the Amish, which might be assumed from only looking at the front cover. But the belief system is similar as far as I can tell, and it did not detract whatsoever from my thorough enjoyment of this book. Love’s Pursuit is written in the voice of the heroine, Susannah Phillips, and Small-hope Smyth, a woman with a troubled past who seems to always be in the shadows of the action.

Susannah tries hard to be a good Puritan, but she constantly has rebellious thoughts. She finds herself in conflict when a soldier arrives to help train the townspeople to guard against Indian attack. He is fun loving and has a freer form of belief that she is secretly yearning towards. Despite her best efforts to be married to John Prescotte, she finds herself single and drawn to Captain Daniel Holcombe, a member of the King’s army.

Small-Hope is seen as a withdrawn woman in a troubled marriage. She gives a bird’s eye perspective on all the action taking place. One is intrigued by her silence and skulking in the shadows. Even though she abhors the limelight, she is never far away. She is one of the key characters to watch in this story.

A third main character of note in my opinion is Simon Wright. He has blond hair. He has blue eyes. He is pleasant and the girls flock to him. He has his cap set on Susannah as he finds her the best maiden in the town. He is a leading townsperson, but there is something about him that causes Susannah to not give him a moment’s notice and to be troubled when he makes her aware of his intentions.

Love’s Pursuit kept me turning pages. It almost seems as if there could be a sequel to this eye gripping want to punch the bad guy story. It is a look into the daily life of a Puritan. It is a love story. It has suspense, hope and reassurance. I couldn’t ask more from this story. I highly recommend it. It gets my big thumbs up. It was memorable for its ending and gets extra points for that.

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