BOOK REVIEW: The Sorceress

Posted on June 24, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

The SorceressThe Sorceress by Michael Scott is a fantasy on the level of C.S. Lewis. All three of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series have not been afraid to delve into mythology, archeology, and folklore. The results are a book with momentum requiring no less than completely riveted attention. The Sorceress picks up with Sophie and Josh in England. Of course, all the old and vicious immortals hang out in this country. Nicolas and Perenelle are still in danger of dying from old age as they cannot use the Codex to brew more youth potion. Dr. John Dee is hunting the twins and marshalling his forces of baddies. Sophie and Josh are on a quest to find Gilgamesh to learn the third elemental magic of water.

It is especially engrossing to read of how Perenelle uses her wits to keep out of harm’s way on Alcatraz when the basement of the prison is stocked with every living horror imaginable. The highlights of this book were when a pair of figures from the past take sides in this battle for the salvation of earth as we know it. It is also great fun to see Machiavelli and Dr. Dee brought low when all their best laid plans crumble and they find themselves in danger of losing their own immortality. It is also a big question what happens to Excalibur and Clarent as the evil Dr. Dee has Excalibur and desires Clarent.

The Sorceress is even better than the first two books. However, they all complement each other to make a pleasing whole. I was kept up reading late wondering what is going to happen next. I would definitely read any of these books more than once and they should be crowd pleasers. This book comes highly recommended to children and adults.

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