BOOK REVIEW: Highland Obsession

Posted on June 6, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Highland ObsessionI was looking forward to the heights of romance but did not expect to be enmeshed in the action, triumphs and tribulations of the main characters, yet with this book, that is exactly what happened. I eagerly await the sequel and not just for romances sake. Hike thee off to a book emporium and allow yourself to sink into this delightful saga. I promise you will not be disappointed. The setting is the Scottish highlands., October 1715. Two warriors who are heretofore friends, come into conflict with their passion for the same woman.

Sorcha MacDonald is a delightfully feisty as a heroine with deep convictions and little life experience to prepare her for the love of two men. My personal favorite is Grainne, a red-headed whore who helps Alan and Cam discover just what it is they are looking for in a woman. This struggle for heart and soul takes place against the backdrop of battle between the Duke of Argyll, who has England’s backing and the Highlanders.

I felt sympathy, concern, anger, repulsion and romance in one very heady mix. This book deals with the loss of love, the desire for truth, the struggle to be honest with those you love and all with a pinch of faith thrown in. It is very readable and quick read that begs you to go back and start again from page one with more to be gleaned at each reading. It was more than I hoped for which is wonderful and gets a big thumbs up.

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