BOOK REVIEW: The Jewel Box

Posted on June 4, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

The Jewel BoxThe Jewel Box by Anna Davis is an informative leap back through time to the year 1927. Diamond Sharp aka Grace Rutherford is a witty girl of the moment, or “it“ girl. She is flapper by night and career girl during the day. She gives us a window into what it was like to be a women during this year of fast moving change. The story hinges on her involvement with two handsome American men who are authors.

Diamond Sharp is portrayed as being selfish and covetous of her sisters beaus. Grace Rutherford is just a career focused daughter and sister seeking true love. It is riveting reading discovering how these two sides of Grace work together while seemingly at cross purposes to help Grace mature and find the happiness she has been searching for.

The format of this book is narration interspersed with personal letters and columns from Diamond Sharp’s weekly social commentary on all that is new and fashionable. It is also a story within a story as the American authors comment on the book they wrote together, The Vision. Because of this I would even give the book a second reading right after the first. There are multiple love stories to untangle as well as following Grace’s capitulation between her two love interests and understanding what role The Vision plays in all of this.

This book is faced paced immersion into the life and times of a 1920‘s woman. It is worth waltzing through more than once. You will be informed and entertained simultaneously. You will feel you just danced a Charleston by the story’s conclusion. Because I wanted to be fascinated and was not let down in any way, this book gets my big thumbs up.

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