Book Review: This Present Darkness

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In Honor of This Present Darkness

In Honor of This Present Darkness

This Present Darkness was first published in 1986. The edition I read was in its seventeenth printing. It is a book that has proven itself shelf and read worthy by virtue of its universal theme of good versus evil. There are also themes of light versus dark, the big corporation versus small town business, and racketeering/intrigue versus the psychological and spirtual well being of community at large.

On the surface, this is about the small town of Ashton in which things are taking a downhill turn for the worse. The town is slowly leaving its typical activities for more nefarious shadow type dealings. A reporter and a pastor compare notes and discover a plan to control the townspeople and even all humanity.

What is unseen is the holy and demonic battle for all of earths souls. Angels and demons converse concurrently with the townspeople of Ashton. This creates two plots that eventually mesh into high stakes race for souls.

This book kept me turning pages well past my bedtime. It makes praying to God mean something. The book shows horrible consequences for actions that are not well considered. It was as if all the stories of the Bible were complied into one whopper of a meaningful tale. This book gets my big thumbs up as being an insightful morality tale for all.

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