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Book Review:  Beneath A Marble Sky.  Author:  John Shors.

Summary:  We learn from Princess Jahanara why Emperor Shah Jahan had the Taj Majal created for his wife, Arjumand.  We see sibling rivalry between Jahanara’s brother Aurangzeb/Alamgir and Dara that as they age threatens to bring down the empire.  We also see true love blossom between Jahanara and the architect of the Taj Majhal, Isa. 

The feeling in my chest after reading this is one of tight constriction and aching of my heart as tears are prised to the surface of my eyes.  This is definitely a book that will be read and treasured.  It is a keeper.  Because of the way that immediately the reader is taken back to the 17th century for one reason.  You can nearly smell the foods at the Bazaar and taste the sandy grit as you flee on horseback.  One is shadowing Jahanara and feels what she feels, but it is also easy to put yourself in any of the other character’s shoes.  It’s history is well researched.

It is also remarkable that the author is a man who puts himself in the shoes of a woman from a different culture and age.  I had to keep flipping back to the cover to make sure the author was a man.  

This author also ages the characters in a believable fashion and their feelings are appropriate.  One is on a journey of love, loss, betrayal, and a search for happiness.  I also believe the war in Hindustan and the surrounding areas was well described.  It was worse than the center of a tornado, because in the eye, all is calm.  This story lacks nothing.  I came away wanting  just to be a better person and to be very grateful for all the blessings around me.  It gets my big thumbs up.

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