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Applause for Scarpettajunkie

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It's All Accolades.

It's All Accolades.

I bought four books at Barnes and Noble today.  Murder Is Binding by Lorna Barrett, Katherine by Anya Seton, Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt and The Tory Widow by Christine Blevins.  I stayed fairly true to my list and deserve accolades. 
I am in the middle of Part Two of The Angel’s Game.  Finally, David admits that what is happening him is what happened to the previous owner.  I am enjoying the banter between David and his assistant as well. 
Somebody remind me that I want to get Forever Amber by hook or by crook. 
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Update on The Angel’s Game

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I have read part one.  On page 152 you get to find out why the man on the front cover has reptilian eyes.  And here I was thinking it was just my imagination.  I am worried about David’s soul versus his well-being in the rest of part one.  I am still not sure who the forbidden love is.  The best part was reading about the Cemetery of Forgotten books.  Now I’m to far into the book to back out.  Not that I would want to because this book definitely has my attention. 

Funny, how I sometimes cannot predict what book I will be reading next.  The Angel’s Game might not even have hit my radar screen as to good books until everyone else was already talking about it.  Thank Goodness for Arcs.  This book is definitely a keeper.  It is starting to remind me a little of Steven King.

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The Angel’s Game

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The Angel’s Game is a prequel to The Shadow of the Wind. “In the turbulent and surreal Barcelona of the 1920s, David Martin, a young novelist obsessed with a forbidden love, receives an offer from an enigmatic publisher to write a book like no other before–a book for which “people will live and die.” In return, he is promised a fortune and, perhaps, much more.

Soon David begins to see frightening parallels between the book he’s been commissioned to write and an old religous manuscript retrieved from the Cemetery of Fogotten Books. Meanwhile, David’s ethereal publisher’s sinister scope of influence begins to encroach more and more upon his own life.”

The above is from the book jacket of the Arc I received in the mail. I think everyone should rush out and buy this book as it will make The Shadow of the Wind make more sense. The book took off for me in the middle of chapter two. I am on Chapter 10, page 58 and enjoying the ride so far. I’ll keep you posted.

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Book Review: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

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The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane centers around Connie Goodwin, a college student working on her dissertation for her PhD in American History.  She is asked by her stuck in the 70s mother, Grace, to get her grandmother Sophia’s house cleaned up and ready to sell for back taxes.  While Connie is in the house she picks up a Bible and feels a shock as an old fashioned key with the name Deliverance Dane tied to it falls on the floor.  Thus starts the quest to find out who Deliverance Dane was and whether she would make a good dissertation topic.

As Connnie delves into musty records she realizes that Deliverance was a healer that got caught up in the hysteria surrounding the Salem witch trials.  She starts to track a recipe book that was listed among her possessions  and meets a steeplejack named Sam who becomes her love interest and also gets placed in danger as Connie gets closer to finding the physick book. 

The description in this book is enticing.  I felt I was in grandma Sophia’s kitchen touching all the ephemera of her healing practice that she left behind.  This book switches between the 1990s and the 1860s flawlessly.  You are pins and needles hoping Connie finds the physick book while staying away from her evil nemesis, Professor Chilton, who was the physick book for his own nefarious ends.   The accident that befalls Sam is also memorable and shocking. 

This book gets my big thumbs up.  It would make a good book to take camping or would also make a good present for any readers on your list.

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Reading Update

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Finished The Secret by Beverly Lewis.  Now I am finishing The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.  Loving the whole idea of recipes actually being spells.  I did not see the accident and its aftermath happening to Samuel, the love interest.

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I made it to Watertown.  I received from my sister on loan The Shack.  She has not read it yet, so the book is new.  However, first up is The Secret by Beverly Lewis.  Finished Midnight Bride.

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New Theme: Fadtastic

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I am using the Fadtastic theme as it gives more information to the readers.  I still wish I had lions in my header.  I liked the fleur-de-lys but my readers will want links or wigets.  I’m doing the best I can with what I have.  I am putting a library lion here to cheer myself up.


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Update on The Night Drifter

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I am now on page 368 of The Night Drifter.  I was right about trouble brewing.  I am satisfied as to what happened to the piece of the ruby that was in the hilt of the sword.  Lance no longer has to pose as Lancelot.  It is also a delight to hear from the ghost of Prospero even if the circumstances are dire.  As far as I am concerned every time Prospero shows up he steals the book. 

The next book up will be Midnight Bride as I want to finish the trilogy.  I also don’t want it to end.  I am also reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.  That should be done in two weeks.  I am going to get my niece baptized this weekend so I am not sure how much reading I will get in.  It will be a race to see what gets finished first.

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Book Review:  Beneath A Marble Sky.  Author:  John Shors.

Summary:  We learn from Princess Jahanara why Emperor Shah Jahan had the Taj Majal created for his wife, Arjumand.  We see sibling rivalry between Jahanara’s brother Aurangzeb/Alamgir and Dara that as they age threatens to bring down the empire.  We also see true love blossom between Jahanara and the architect of the Taj Majhal, Isa. 

The feeling in my chest after reading this is one of tight constriction and aching of my heart as tears are prised to the surface of my eyes.  This is definitely a book that will be read and treasured.  It is a keeper.  Because of the way that immediately the reader is taken back to the 17th century for one reason.  You can nearly smell the foods at the Bazaar and taste the sandy grit as you flee on horseback.  One is shadowing Jahanara and feels what she feels, but it is also easy to put yourself in any of the other character’s shoes.  It’s history is well researched.

It is also remarkable that the author is a man who puts himself in the shoes of a woman from a different culture and age.  I had to keep flipping back to the cover to make sure the author was a man.  

This author also ages the characters in a believable fashion and their feelings are appropriate.  One is on a journey of love, loss, betrayal, and a search for happiness.  I also believe the war in Hindustan and the surrounding areas was well described.  It was worse than the center of a tornado, because in the eye, all is calm.  This story lacks nothing.  I came away wanting  just to be a better person and to be very grateful for all the blessings around me.  It gets my big thumbs up.

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I am on page 250 of The Night Drifter.  I am enjoying this book so much that I have already decided it is a keeper.  I have ordered a hardcover version and then I shall put my paperback on Bookins. 

A plug for Bookins, if I may.  Bookins lets you print free shipping for your books at your printer.  There is no cost to send books out.  And, you only pay a flat fee of about $4 when a book is sent to you off your wish list.  I have minimal problems with the shape books are in when I receive them.  Only once was a book unreceived and I received credit in my account towards that amount. 

Anyhow, can you imagine being a ghost walking around while your body sleeps?  Lance St. Leger has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble doing this because he misled his bride, Rosalind, into thinking his was the ghost of Sir Lancelot of round table and Genvieve fame.  Always with these St. Legers they anticipate telling the truth is going to be so much harder than it is. 

I have just found out that if Lance stays out of his body too long he can become a ghost for real.  I anticipate Lance almost having this happen to him and hopefully Rosalind will be there to save him.  It would be a heck of a way to find out his secret ability to night drift.  Since I am just over half-way, I know a storm is brewing.  Nobody is making a big deal out of the fact that a chunk is missing from the ruby in the hilt of the sword that belongs to the Leger family, but I anticipate this missing chunk is going to cause grief  before all is said and done.

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